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Cannot Register for GT3
That doesn't sound like something that would prevent you from registering... I think it would just let you race with whatever skin you picked and then it simply wouldn't upload it and no one but you would see it. Unless skin folders can't have spaces in them at all and that just breaks the game, then yeah.
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Yeah, I assume it's SRS related since my custom skin wasn't creating any problems while practicing in AC single player.

Here's the sequence of events that led me to this conclusion:

  1. I could not register for an F3 race recently with my custom skin.
  2. I tried to register with a standard skin and it let me in.
  3. I had the thought to replace the space with the underscore.
  4. I quit with the standard skin and tried to register with my customer skin again and it let me right in, no problems. Just in the nick of time too!

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