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set up problems
hi guys ,im having bit of trouble ,iv got nice set up (i like it Smilein game the car feels nice . when i race in srs ,the car feels so different ,its like im driving a different car . Huh
Ambient temp/circuit temp/time of day need to be identical to racing conditions. You said "race in srs" so I'm assuming you mean during the actual race, as opposed to Practice and the first 3/4 of Qualifying where the track's Grip isn't up to 100% yet.

I can never find the post where someone lists exactly what the settings for SRS races are, otherwise I'd quote it here. Next time you race, take a look at the race conditions and make sure your practice session is the same.

There have been a few threads talking about how things always feel different on the server versus playing solo. Could be a few things that might cause it (beyond simply having the wrong daytime settings and the like), such as your CPU being bogged down if you are doing a practice race with 23 AI cars where on a multi-player server your CPU is free to do more for you, which MIGHT result in the car feeling different... but I think for the most part it is all placebo. Big Grin
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As Russell said settings for SRS are specific: 21/22 air temp and 27/28 road tem. Also grip takes some time to come if there's not a lot of cars on track.

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