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Glad to be here
Hi folks,

I´m Konrad Smuts, lifelong PC racing fan (with a bit a arcade and console experience).

Starting in '88 I cut my teeth on the keyboard with the Outrun, Road Rash and the Accolade games (Test Drive 1, 2 & 3, Grand Prix Circuit and The Cycles), Lombard RAC Rally, Street Rod, Stunts (FTW), Death Track, Need For Speed, GP Legends, Colin McRae, Dirt, Trackmania, etc. Since 2014 I'm rocking a secondhand G25, and settled on Assetto Corsa after trying rFactor and Project Cars. IRL I'm too poor ATM to run track days with my E46, so the plan is to get my kicks with you guys here on SRS. 

Activation of my account took ~48 hrs and I'm planning to run my first race tonight ;-)
Welcome and have fun.
SRS is the most affordable way for racing with people,, so enjoy!
Thanks for the welcome guys!

It took me awhile, but I've finally had my first race Big Grin
It was awesome, but I got disqualified and I don't understand why.

Could you perhaps have a look at my thread?
Disqualified for not doing the Mandatory Pit (sic)

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