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Tire blankets
Do SRS races start w/warm tires?
Yes they do Tom
(04-17-2019, 05:53 PM)Will Dawson Wrote:  Yes they do Tom

yeah well when i put my sidekick on percent tire wear and join it starts with 92% all four and goes to 100% wear within 3 laps, then back down again as session continues. Never heard of wear going the opposite way but apparently it does and i'm not sure which setting is doing it, it's not temps and it does affect grip in first 3 laps.
That's just how certain tires are in AC. Kind of like they have a coating on them and you have to scrub it off before the tires hit peak performance. I don't know enough about real life tires to give any insight as to if it's something that's real or if it's just some weird Kunos logic... And as we all know, AC is full of weird Kunos logic Big Grin

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