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Lotus GX series missing results
Hey all, just a heads up, it looks like the Lotus GX series results haven't been updated since the evening race yesterday. I think there have been at least 3 or 4 races since then. Not sure what's up. Anyone have an idea?
Sometimes it takes a time to update the results page, just be patient Wink
(04-17-2019, 11:49 AM)Ivan Fornos Wrote:  Sometimes it takes a time to update the results page, just be patient Wink

Can do. Thanks, haven't run in to this before.
It happened the other day in the Caterham series, too. Results were sth like 10 hours late and there had been races since. Then all of a sudden they appeared ... I was really worried, I got a (for me) very rare 102, I thought I was jinxed  Big Grin
Now the entire week is missing - no races at donno? I was looking forward the this track, whats the problem? (Date is wrong in the overview schedule, maybe thats the problem)
Yeah, any updates on when the series will be back? I was also looking forward to donnington this week!
I hated Chang, I will hate Blancpain, I love Donnington, done A LOT of AI practice - to be not that bad online - can't really tell if my training was efficient without human competition! Smile

Races will take place, got an answer in the Bugs Thread - yippie!
Seems that it is fixed now Thomas, good luck on the track!

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