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Cannot retrieve server list
Hello everyone !

I recently registered on SRS and installed the app for Assetto Corsa, everything went fine but when I go to the Online menu ingame, the server list is empty ! I get the message " Cannot retrieve server list "

I was able to race online before and to display a list of servers but now it's seems to be broken...

I was also able to make an SRS race today by using the ingame app so I got internet connection.

Maybe there's another port to open/allow on the router/antivirus ? While I was able to display online servers before, I don't undertand...

Thanks for your help Smile
Same here, but I can still list my "favorites" in Content Manager. No other search works.

...working ok now....
Working again for me too, great !

Maybe a Kunos server service maintenance...

See you soon on the track Wink

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