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Tips and help for beginners
Learn the car and track combo. Knowing the car setup, proper racing line, braking point, etc. You could do some offline practice before jump to the online server. And yes, Helicorsa app and Crewchief are very helpful

--- If you want to upgrade your simrig, this is probably what you really looking for -> https://harrismuhammad.com/philosophy/cockpit-design/ ---
Did my first race last night and enjoyed it don't think I did anything to bad (one collision in qualifying sorry whoever that was) and hopefully got out the way of lapping cars. Got it wrong once but that only damaged my time.

Is it possible to set up incidents and corner cutting in single player the same as it is on the server. I got penalties for cutting a corner three times. Two of them surprised me, one time I was getting out the way of a lapping car and missed my braking point so expected that. The other two I wasn't sure that I had cut so would be good to practice with the same settings.

I'll next race when I think I'm quick enough to not get lapped. Not much improvement needed to get there as I capable of the times, just need a bit more consistency.
consistency is key
Two cents from somebody who's certainly not old in the game. For at least a couple of months, do not race others - race yourself. Go quietly last, focus on driving clean and consistent, push yourself gently and - especially - HAVE NO ACCIDENTS. Your rating will quickly improve, even if you come in last. The respect from fellow racers will improve. Your skills will improve. Then you will see that, naturally, you won't be last any more, because many supposedly fast people cannot put three laps together without crashing, and even the mid-tier guys who race seriously are bound to have incidents. The "vulture technique" (survive and wait for opponents to go) can take you very far. Meanwhile, your skills will keep improving, and at some stage you will be able to begin racing others, in safety and with plenty respect.
An Old Dog Learning New Tricks
Thanks. That's what I've tried to do in the couple of races I've done. I've found Hot Laps in Single player so I now know the track limits. I've taken around 8 secs of my time so far. I've had relatively clean races. The only incident in the 2nd one was someone who was obviously having ping issues and in the replay in looks like he landed on my car from behind. Actually came from nowhere! He did take himself out the race once he realised what was going on.

I'm interested to know what I'd be like at tracks I've actually tested on in real life, and what it will be like once I have a wheel with some feedback.

I might start practicing spa as that's starting next week and leave Donnington for now. We'll see what I feel like in a couple of hours though!
This topic could be pinned already, as almost everything that matters has been said.
But one more important thing: Have Fun
And if you are having a bad day and just not feeling it, don't try to force yourself to race and just stop - it won't help your mood nor your laptimes.
One more thing I just remembered, crashing on the start of a race in Turn 1 can be very demotivating, even more so if you are racing something long like Spa and you got a bend suspension.
Just suck it up, drive to the pits, repair the damage and get on with it. Thats free online practice time in racing conditions right there, also you can improve on being a lapped car and you might still pick up a position or two from people not having the stamina nor the determination to finish a race.

and of course: practice practice practice
„Ein Auto ist erst dann schnell genug, wenn man morgens davor steht und Angst hat es aufzuschließen.“ - Walter Röhrl
(03-06-2019, 05:51 PM)argMateusz Filip Oberland Wrote:  Hi
I'm a bit new and I want to know if there is a way that I can improve if there is any like ways to increase my skill I'm rather new and I have raced 3 times by the time I post this and I keep coming last and I don't want to. If there is any tips you guys can help me out with because I'm still racing a bit awful and I hate sometimes colliding with people, I hate it sometimes that I lose control and hit others accidentally as I know I might of kind ruined there lap.
If there's any help or resources you guys can recommend that are free then please let me know
Helicorsa and Cheifcrew are perhaps the two biggest mods I would hand down recommend to anybody racing on AC. I would also recommend checking out videos by Random Callsign, Gamer Muscle for any additional mods. Also for additional hints for sim racing in general, check out the iRacing youtube channel, I believe they've got their 'Racing School' videos on there and they might help you understand elements of racing like On throttle/Off throttle over/understeer, lines to take into corners etc

Also, I would say the main tip I would give you is just practice and try and be consistent as possible, Look at the series that you're interested in, get the list of tracks and put in the time offline in practice mode, also try some races with the AI at a setting that will give you a natural challenge and also if possible (depending on if you're running Content manager) watch the replays of the races. See where you're making the silly errors and then go back to practising at that part of the track, see if you improve then try to put it all in the SRS race.

I mean I am far from the best racer on this network of racers, but when I get the chance I always try put in around half an hour to an hour leading up to the race (depending on when the next race is) just practicing various elements of the race (when it's safe to let lapped cars through, the start, when is the best parts of the track to attempt to overtake etc) and it's sadly a long-winded process, but I've been able to move up the rankings (somehow) and gain one win in just over two months. If this sloth of a driver can somewhat improve, anyone can.

Oh and I forgot to mention, it's something which affected me in a race yesterday, Never lose you're tempter while driving, you're always going to make stupid errors and lead to a bout of rage which, lets face it, isn't life and death, everyone who signed up for this just wants to have fun and enjoy themselves racing.

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