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Hit from behind before race start = incident?
I am sure this has happened to many others. Today the guy behind me jump started and rammed into me with the traffic lights still on red. The system recorded it as an incident. Is this correct? 

An Old Dog Learning New Tricks
That's something for a protest form, imo
TPC SimRacing Team Driver

Yep definitely worth reporting! Happened to me quite some time ago, I even got a drive through penalty for jump start due to being hit.
Report, it happened to me yesterday, resulting in a penalty and drive through. Always hopeful that an apology/explanation will follow, but alas.
Note: Since this is a general question w/o mention of name/event, I don't believe the discussion falls under the no "racing incident discussion" ban. Please correct if i am wrong.

Jim c russell
Mmm. What happened to me today makes me think that perhaps these things may not be intentional.
I was waiting for the start of the 12 o'clock Leon race, with all lights on red, waiting for then to go off and... All the other cars momentarily disappeared. I reacted instinctively and jump started. Then the other cars reappeared, lights still red, and, in the  heat of the moment I hit the brakes. I may have caused problems for others, for which I apologise, and had to do my drive through. All that essentially for a software glitch...
An Old Dog Learning New Tricks
Yeah, until you see that server hiccup happen, your reactions (which are likely already right on the edge anyway because it's a standing start!) will likely not be the best. When it happens, ideally everyone does the following: Stays off the gas/out of gear until they actually see the lights go out before starting. If you do jump the start, pull into the middle or off to the side ASAP so when/if the cars re-appear you aren't in the middle of someone.

When THAT happens, I'm pretty sure everyone on the server sees it... not just one or two guys that jump the start. I think I've seen this around 10 times or so... there was one week a number of months ago where just about every race had that happen. Everyone got paranoid. Big Grin
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