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Trying to find a track that was in the MX5 Cup from a year or so ago

Not sure where to post this so if a mod feels the need to move it please do so and thanks.

About a year or so ago I downloaded a track that was part of the MX5 Cup Series and my buddy and I loved it! Since then we both lost all our installs from new PC's etc. Is there any way to find the tracks that were used in previous seasons? It's not a well known track (like IMOLA, Road America, etc) but if I saw the name of it I'm pretty sure I would remember it....or even the track lay out. I can remember that. If it helps at all the pit lane was on the right hand side of the start finish.
There's a Historic Results record here:


Just find MX5 on the left side and click races. Should be there.
So I was looking through each season trying to find it but wasn't having any luck, however thanks for the suggestion Igor!

Jay,,WOW you need to go buy a lotto ticket! Thank you! That is the track, I cannot believe you guessed it on your first try! Awesome, this track is so fun.
Funny thing is, I have a crappy memory!!!!

Sometimes I forget where I am on a track and what corner is next, but I ran a race there in the MX5 Cup car when I first joined SRS. the track was a lot of fun.
you can look for it in the youtub channel of srs there is this all

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