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Ladies & Gents!!!
Hello, my current Rig: Logitech G920 W/ Gear, Playseat mount (fun, but ready to upgrade ;-).

My Favorite racing sims; NHRA Drag Racing Series, Gran Turismo Series and currently 500+hrs Assetto Corsa, however new to mods and multiplayer.

looking forward to race at least once weekly and located in US Mountain Standard Time UTC-07:00 See you on the track!!!
Thanks for the warm welcome J. Jacobson.

BTW Are there any Rigs you prefer more than others?

I enjoy the GT3 feel and class and would like to improve

the quality of my pedals/wheel/and shifter. Any advice?

Your questions are budget based...

In my opinion, I've drunk the Fanatec cool aid, Fanatec is the best bang or the buck and I have a Next Level rig.

There are a lot of choices out there that are as good or better but like I said your budget really drives the hardware.

Hope this was a small help.
Very helpful indeed, I bought my current setup gently used and have put plenty of  miles on it. 
finding this mod and community justifies a decent upgrade. Thanks for the input G. Jacobson!!

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