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new piece of HW
finaly RPM meter working , as it was from 12V car there was resistor on input wire so i shorted it and now RPM runs, SIMHUB is great app


try 1st changeable layout (printed little bigger  ), the needle is from color paper glued to iron washer and on plastic center on gauge axe is glued magnet, so it easy and safe remove needle for easy plate change , so different skins easily possible


Displays connected by SIMHUB https://i.servimg.com/u/f64/19/43/93/45/simhub10.jpg

so only Wheel is bought (G29) but rest of WH is selfmade, pedals with loadcell brake a shakeit motors, H shifter, button box, and displays wit 7segments and RPM meter
and for one of my most favorite cars Ferrari 330 p4, plate drawed in InkScape , change of plates now under 5 minutes

Ferrari F312  F1 1967 (raced many onnline seasons  in GPL)


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