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content manager
hi guys does any body run, content manager.is it worth downloading .if so how to install . Dodgy
Just download it. I copy the exe file to my main A/C directory and then create a shortcut to desktop.
You won't regret it
TPC SimRacing driver and painter
+1 to Michael's comments a must have IMO!
ok guys will download now ,is full version best Wink
I don't remember exactly what is different about the full version, but I threw the guy five bucks the moment it was clear I was never going to start AC using their front end ever again. I should probably throw him another five (or more) for the fact that CM Showroom lets livery artists do all sorts of shenanigans that make figuring out what you should and should not be painting soooo easy.
Tutorial on how to use Autodesk Mudbox and Adobe Photoshop to make custom liveries! https://tinyurl.com/yaetz4qz
Grab my PDash Skins (a Assetto Corsa HUD app) here: https://tinyurl.com/y95ewubz
Does anybody know why RSR live timing shows me "penalties not enabled" (or whatever does it say) when I use it with CM on SRS races? Worked fine when I was using default launcher, and it works fine offline using CM.
Because penalties are off in all the races.
I've made a couple requests for SRS to reset penalties, but it's been a few months and no change.
Hopefully, someday....

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