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App not showing cars to select from
I have issues since a few days with registering for races in R3E. At the car selection for a race, often there are only blank field where the cars should appear. The app lists the correct amount of free fields, but the cars are not shown.
I read, that others have this issue as well and worked around it with spamming back, register, back, register... till it works. But this "method" fails sometimes and I stop trying after a few minutes... Another solutiuon would be, to deactivate the contend recognition, but as I only bought one liverie at multiple cars, that is not a great solution for me either.
I already reinstalled the app (also deleting TEMP folder). Someone has an idea?

Btw: I really enjoy racing in SRS, its an amazing system even with its few issues at some times. I want to thank everyone involved in this! Smile
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