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Protest stats
I just had an idea to show the number of valid protests each driver has had against them, meaning the protest was upheld and resulted in a suspension. It might serve as an extra deterrent, especially if shown it alongside the number of championships won. And if two users protest the same incident and the culprit gets a suspension, that would be a count of 2 for the purpose of this stat.

Since the system relies heavily on protests to moderate driver behaviour and admins likely put a lot of effort into assessing them, might as well extract a little more utility from the process, right?
At first thought I liked the idea - since average incident number is a doubtful estimate of how safe a driver is (still, it should be there).
OTOH the admin is moderately firm on ruling the report results, so from my experience more than one or two valid reports renders a suspension, and further reports result in a ban. So the visible number of reports makes sense only to highlight drivers who experienced a fair number of suspensions.
Another possibility is that any upheld protests include a boost to the drivers incident average.

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