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Shaders Lights Patch utilization in races
The whole Shaders Lights Patch (hereafter SLP) thing is getting pretty good. There's full-blown night racing, with a full 24h day/night cycle on the way (and it looks good). They've also just patched in a cooldown lap for AI racing, so I don't think it's unreasonable that rolling starts could be a thing (having it work online is another matter, but again, I don't think it's unreasonable). Either way, I'm focusing on the day/night cycle here.

I would love to see some SLP-specific races going down on SRS. I understand not everyone can run it, so it's important for vanilla races to remain (and be the majority), but imagine monster 2.4 hour endurance events with the full 24h cycle condensed into it for those who can. Ring, Daytona, Le Mans... so many possibilities. 

You really need Content Manager for the best ease of use, but I believe it is possible to use the SLP without it. As long as the SRS race defines the right times/weather settings, it should be easy to simply download and unzip the SLP like any other car or track mod you'd download for use in specific SRS events. Vanilla races would absolutely remain, and definitely be the majority, but using the SLP for big endurance events, or simply night/evening-night transition races, would be fantastic.

[Image: flibbydoodah_zpsmckuobh1.png]
(alternatively the Shaders Lights Patch text could be embedded in the image, just a concept)


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