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Hi, BmW Gt2 setup idea's?
Hi all,

Only joined the PC community over xmas as I was bored of the poor racing on PS4 on assetto corsa. Already had a high end gaming laptop for other silly DJ & lighting projects but decided to use it for what it was built for. 
Joined SRS about a week ago, been in a few races now and really enjoyed the online track action.
Although incidents remain (even the best crash), the maturity & respect is just so much better than on the pS4. There is still the odd numpty, but I will put that down to them being new starters. Look forward to racing you all in future. 
Currently enjoying the Bmw in the GT2 series races. Open to those who want to discuss setup idea's. Currently running low 2.18s qualy. high 2.19s in the race. Lets get the Bmer competing with the ferrari's!
See you on track, Jason

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