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My SRS incar recordings (Novice level)
GT4@SPA 2.1.2019

RUF@RIVERSIDE 31-12-2018

I watched your race in the RUF and I have some unsolicited advice for you ; )

I noticed you have the tire app open which is a good thing but you want to have all of your tires at 32psi while on track. Your left side tires are way too hard. Concentrate on getting all 4 tires to 32 psi and don't worry about the temperatures. You will be able to feel more grip.

I use the Setup Market app to download tunes that others have posted for each track and car combo. If you're using the default setup you are probably loosing about 2 seconds per lap vs using a properly tuned car.

Another app that is really handy is Helicorsa. It is a radar so you can see the positions of all the cars in your vicinity. I realized that I didn't need the spotter apps anymore when I started using Helicorsa. I find the spotters more annoying than helpful.

Lastly, I recommend you use the delta app. It will show you how much time your loosing or gaining, in real time. It allows you to quantify how much time you loose with each mistake - braking too late, you'll see that you'll loose time on the next straight, or if you get on the gas too early and have to let off just after the apex, you'll see you loose time on the straight... Over time you will be able to learn how to drive quicker.

I see that you are using the pedals app, but I couldn't tell if you are using the clutch? If you are not using a clutch then you don't have to lift when you change gears. Also, you spend a lot of time coasting rather than applying either the brake or gas. Do you use your left foot on the brake? If not you should concentrate on learning how to left foot brake.

I can tell that you are cautious and respectful racer and I hope to meet you on the track someday.
Aaah Luca.......track limits!
Haha.....Jim gives me shit, about that all the time too!
Thank you Jason for feedback and tips
i5-4460, GTX970, 12GB, Logitech G920

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