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AUDI TT cup @ Donnington help!
Hi everybody, first i want to say im having a lot of fun with these cars, but sadly i have no idea how to improve them setup wise.

I was wondering if anyone can give me any ideas on how to setup the car for donnington as i'm having a hard time getting more out of the base setup.

Currently my best lap is 1:37:8XX but in race im mostly in the mid 38's and im having 2 issues in races:
1) my rear tyres are getting cold, and 
2) i feel that the car doesn't turn in as much as i'd like.

can someone point me in the right direction, on how to set it up for this track?

Thank you very much in advance.
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try to get the setup market app on racedepartment and then go on track and then open the app and dowload a setup then go back to pit and to see the new setup just click on another track and then on the track you are on there it is .
ihave found the setups from setup market is great and so you have a great starting point and just remember go to setup market homepage and become a user  Smile
Thanks for the suggestion, i hope i find a good one there, because i dont know how to setup the setups lol
It's worth learning. I was doing one of Assetto Corsa Time Attack Special Events and was really struggling with getting anything better than bronze. Then I changed the pressure in rear tires, changed the wing setting a bit and bam, lap times went down by 1.5 s, I beat the Event on gold by a decent margin. And that was without even touching things like gear ratios or suspension settings.

Also make sure that you have more than one email address before you sign up for setup market. I signed up, the website said there would be an activation email. Which never came, and I could not sign in because "account not activated" nor could I sign up again using the same email because "email already in use".

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