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New Assetto Corsa Series starting December 3rd!!
GT2 South America: 00:00 GMT (fridays & saturdays) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Smile
Thank you for the RS link
TPC SimRacing driver and painter
Looks fun. Thanks SRS!
this monday there will not be the GT40?
It's got the wrong date. Says it's Friday on the upcoming list.
TPC SimRacing driver and painter
Very excited for the vintage F1 battles!
I think in the calendar of the RUF is an error in the date of the race on the "VIR North Course"
Vintage F1. Great!!!
But in the wrong timezone for us Europeans.

Please give us some vintage F1 races in the next season. Maybe the Lotus 49 and the Ferrari 312.

Thanks in advance!
Great series and superb cars! I'm super excited and cannot wait. Roll on tomorrow!

Thank you SRS for the great work you do for us all. It is very much appreciated!
Thanks SRS for another season, very grateful for all your hard work. However.... All the F1 series are on US timezones again... last season it was the Ferrari f2004, this season the Ferrari SF70H plus the classic F1 lotus and ferrari....

Please next season, can the European time zone have one of the modern F1 cars to race?

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