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More visible race lenght
Please, show the race lenght in a more visible place. Every time there is a 1h race on a serie that usually have 20 mins races the chat is full of people confused (I'm usually the first one).
Having to click on the details button to see the race lenght is not useful at all, it would be nice to have that info near the number of drivers inscribed or show it instead of the race category (Road/Oval/Offroad), as that info wont' ever change for a serie while the race lenght will.
It also would be nice to have the same info in the race page and in the forum, for example, today's Ferrari 599XXEvo race wasn't announced as 1h race in the New Series thread.

Please don't take this a critic, it's just a try to improve the system.
I was thrown off guard by that too. Also, I am used to a mandatory pitstop and in this race there was no mandatory pitstop. Still though, it was a lot of fun Smile
Agree. It feels like the length of race is fairly complicated among all of the different racing series every season... especially when 20 minute series have an occasional one-off 1 hour race in the middle of the season. In this particular instance the GamerMuscle series was never scheduled to have a 1 hour race the entire season so it must have just been a glitch... but even still. Having the race duration prominently displayed (along with the actual in-game name of the car as well?) on the registration page would be a big help.
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