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Post your New Skins for Season Starting 22/10/2018!!
My guide is probably a bit out dated as I've figured out a few things since I fumbled around with it that first car. I tend to do some investigation when prepping a car before painting on anything.
  • Find all the chunks of geometry that are painted with a tiny tiled single color texture, and just delete them from the Mudbox file. The smallest texture to paint over those in Mudbox is probably still way too big, and trying to throw a 4K texture on something mapped normally to a 16x16 is a decent way to crash Mudbox.
  • Figure out which chunks of geometry actually show up on the main skin textures. If there's something that shows up on a different texture than the main one, decide if I want to bother altering that texture (example: rear wings are sometimes on separate textures that may or may not be so high res that they take the skin over the 10MB limit).
  • Once you've cleaned up all the geo you don't want to paint, right click on any remaining geo and select "delete unused materials". This speeds up the performance of the scene in general with stuff you don't care about.
All that said, if your computer is a bit of a slouch, it might not like Mudbox in general. These days I'm running a 9600K with 16GB ram and a 1070Ti... and Mudbox can still chug on occasion.
Tutorial on how to use Autodesk Mudbox and Adobe Photoshop to make custom liveries! https://tinyurl.com/yaetz4qz
Grab my PDash Skins (a Assetto Corsa HUD app) here: https://tinyurl.com/y95ewubz
Did what you said. I had a bonnet, sides,front&rear bumper and a roof. Everything else went.

My pc is a few years old now and is starting to struggle with the newer games. i5 3570k, 16gb ram and a gtx 960.
I'll keep with the 2d maps for now. Just requires a bit more swearing but can get decent results Smile
TPC SimRacing driver and painter
Plank autos YouTube channel.

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