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New raceroom Series starting September 24!
(09-25-2018, 11:53 AM)Rei¬†Takazawa Wrote:  I started racing in SRS 2 or 3 seasons ago with 1 hour DTM races and those were great, with different pit stop strategies, varying paces or overlapped cars. And with that "endurance" attitude, I have the impression everybody was more cautious.

I think that season formula for the 1h races was a big hit: modern DTM is something you can have only in R3E, and the races that long felt just like the real deal: 1 hour long races, with mandatory pitstops for tires, managing them and strategically choose when to come in, 3 DRS usages per lap, on the tracks where they actually race, etc... you had it all, and no need for wierd tires or fuel consumption, since the serie is meant to be raced exactly for that duration... really looking forward for that experience again

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