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Approved Cars and Tracks in SRS
Someone mentioned this in one of the threads...
Is there a list of approved tracks and cars that can be used in SRS? If so is it available to be reviewed and added to, specifically looking at mods etc.

Thanks in advance!
Since RD doesn't host ilegal mods, it is a good starting point.
This doesn't mean that all mods published there can be used.

Mods are added to the modlist thread.
Thanks for the prompt reply.

So if I wanted to suggest to one of the race series hosts a car and a track, it needs to be hosted on RD to be safe?

What about other 3rd party mods hosted on their own websites?

I guess I was hoping there was some sort of master list or list of moders that was approved?
the mod list is now a single thread, it used to be one thread for each series. Mods are added there as they are being used and stay there.

There is nothing wrong with modders hosting on their webpage, as long as they don't use or host ripped content on their website.
if you are not sure, you can always send a PM.
Perfect will do!

Thanks Again!
Thank you for not using ripped content!

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