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Why can't I race in Classic F1?
If you ask me, I should be restricted from a lot of the other classes. F1 is a lot safer than most.
The rating is a big combination of safety (incidents), driver success (placing higher in races you enter), and general participation at SRS (seemingly the biggest contributor to the score). A 500 rating is something you can get fairly easily by just showing up to race while not plowing into other people.

Stick around and you'll get to 500 fairly quickly.
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Also the F1 classic series is definitely the one where people can fuck up the most of the current series. It makes totally sense that it's the only restricted series this season.

Which of the other series do you think are "unsafer" than this one?
Amazing list of awesome achievements: 5th in the Lotus 25 championship 2018
I don`t partake in openwheel races since my reflexes aren`t too tight. Pub F1 races are a trainwreck every single time I visit.
Quote:Which of the other series do you think are "safer" than this one?

The TZ at Silverstone for example. I can't even control those.

Those cars are harder to control when you're not used to them, but when you lose control you don't necessarily ruin the race for half the field, which could happen quite easily in the classic F1 series.
Amazing list of awesome achievements: 5th in the Lotus 25 championship 2018
Well I'm not sure about the classics, but I'm pretty good with most open-wheelers. I don't have an example in AC to post, because although I've had the game for over a year, I've only just started to play it.

because all formula races with more power than the F3, or older, were a huge mess

maybe someone still remember the Jordan races..

you can't compare a modern Formula 3.5 with a Ferrari 312 T, even if the lap times of the formula 3.5 are faster.

and you can't compare PC2 to AC too.. sorry to say, but omfg that video.. the 1:39 - 1:48 part made me mad.. and i don't have to explain why..

and for the Alfa, just make the front a lot more stiffer, and the rear a bit more.
LOL the powerSlide? Smile
It is to make sure that we have competitors that understand that it is smart to use the brakes in turn 1, and not just try to smash  everybody. A +500 rating is a good way to make the race safer. I remember the Jordan at Monza. I was P3 after qual, but was hit 6 tines on the first lap....We need experienced drivers to handle these cars, thats just how it is. By the way, I am really looking forward to Saturday and Sunday ?
But just keep on racing, you should be able to reach 500 before next season ?
Regards Erik

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