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Making MX5 Netting Disappear
David Weber messaged me a couple of days ago asking if there was a way to make the netting in the Mazda MX5 Cup invisible because it bugged him while he plays in VR. I took a stab at making the netting invisible by simply adding an Alpha channel to the texture on my custom livery, but unfortunately it didn't take.

However, with the help of Content Manager, I was able to locally alter the material properties to pay attention to my added Alpha channel, and now my MX5 no longer has safety netting.*

*If you feel this is cheating, please refer to this glorious thread about too many people using the bonnet view on my opinion in this matter before posting your disdain in this thread. Thanks!

What You Will Need
  • A Custom Livery for the MX5 Cup (or whatever car you wish to alter).
  • The attached file (INT_Side_Belt_NM.zip), or the ability to add an alpha channel to the normal map of a car part you wish to make disappear.
  • Content Manager installed and used to start Assetto Corsa. Get it here: https://assettocorsa.club/content-manager.html
  1. Extract the attached .zip file into your MX5 Cup livery folder.
    [Image: qag4Xlk.png]

  2. Open Content Manager.
  3. Go to the Content Tab, select your car, select your livery, then open the CM Showroom.
    [Image: BqN2JkI.png]

  4. Admire your wonderful custom livery.
    [Image: klmPKB7.png]

  5. Zoom in and left click on the netting, then click the 3 dots next to the Material.
    [Image: pbs4BBP.jpg]

  6. Click Change values.
    [Image: Fngwvg6.png]

  7. Change the Alpha mode setting from Normal to Alpha testing. Then click Save.
    [Image: xg1uAHo.png]

You should see the netting disappear the moment you change the Alpha mode setting. Saving then makes it so that, at least locally, your netting will be invisible because the special Alpha mode in the texture file is being paid attention to by the game's renderer.

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Whoa...nice!!   Shy
There's a couple cars that have the net blocking the side view mirror (in VR at least) so this will be invaluable.
Thank you, Russell !
Russell outdid himself here. Awesome solution discovered.

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