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RSS Ferruccio 55 setups
Since some were wondering what kind of voodoo i had in the Ferrrari 550, here it is   Smile

Nothing so special i think, you just have to mind what kind of car it is, front engine, fairly long wheel base, it's inherently an understeery car but as a result you can manage softs in 20 minutes if you are sensible with the tyres and capable to drive with really worn ones for 2 or 3 laps at the end. The biggest weak point of this car, it's absolutely terrible off the line (no weight on the rear + 620 hp + no TC, good luck with that in 1st gear), and generally it's much harder to put the power down than with rear engine's GT1, all the race starts were really hairy. 

Also contrary to popular belief i think, it's not that overpowered compared to the other cars in the RSS pack, i was actually faster with the Saleen on a number of tracks, and sometimes the Lambo was also very good (beautiful on the brakes). 

So this is one setup for each races i participated in (no Spa i wasn't there) some high aero (VIR), some much lower (RA), generally i like more true mechanical grip than really aero, i don't know if it will fit everybody's driving but i put this there for future series and whatnot.

.zip   Ferruccio55setup.zip (Size: 2.91 KB / Downloads: 13)

ps: This could be great for a 1h series Wink

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