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Incident system needs an overhaul
I just competed in the GT3 race at Riverside and had some not so great driving from the guy ahead of me cause multiple contacts. In the results it shows me and the person who was behind during the incidents who got caught up in them both with 3 incidents and the driver who caused initial contact during the events shows 0 incidents and finished ahead of both of us. I know for a fact I made contact with him at least twice during the race, so he has no points penalty towards the championship meanwhile the 3rd person who caught up and myself have had 9 points each taken away from incidents.

This isn't my only gripe with the current rating system. On multiple occasions I've had people not involved with the championship hunt drive aggressively against me, or someone who seems to be giving me light taps during the race on purpose to aid another driver in the championship standings. The system is flawed with points being involved with in race contacts. IMO the contacts during the race should have a factor against your driver rating and have no impact on points awarded. The rating system would be far more accurate this way also, as the current system does not appear to take race incidents into account, only finishing position against the SOF.
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if someone is 'chasing you' report them.

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