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New Automobilista Series starting August 28th!
We are delighted to announce the new series for Automobilista, starting August 28th!

Saturday Series

SRS will feature a MR18 series running on saturdays at 01:00, 11:00, 18:00, 21:00 GMT
10 min Qualify + 20 min  races:

Youtube Series

This season we will host 2 youtube series, all hosting 10 min qualify + 20 min races:
  • Tuesdays 19:00 GMT- Abgefahren  - F1 Retro
  • Thursdays  00:00 GMT - Sim-Force - TCR Hot Cars

For more details check the following link

See you on track!

[Image: AMS_SeriesAugust18.jpg]
Thumbs Up 
Thanks a lot for these new AMS series Smile . It's sad that only so few are driving in AMS. 
I hope there will be more drivers over time. 
AMS really deserves it
Ohhh yeah!

Automobilista Porsche Cup Champion (x2) Cool  

Automobilista Lancer RS Cup Champion Sleepy
It 's probably for the best that we don't get a daily series in AMS. Too few participants, even if we did manage to race it officially every week.

Will definitely show up for the first two! The TC one is a bit late for me, but probably very popular with the South American audience.
Thank you for including track mods of some famous venues (Spa, Barcelona, AIA)!
Thanks guys! Nice to see AMS series around here. Better (in my opinion) to avoid daily series and try to concentrate people in the same day, good call!
Great work!
elijen los peores coches apropósito?
sigan con el boxer y el f3 y/o agreguen algunos mas populares (como el AJR , los formula 1, los v8) y por que no tambien mods como EEC GT3
Duilio go home

Automobilista Porsche Cup Champion (x2) Cool  

Automobilista Lancer RS Cup Champion Sleepy
obviamente prefiero jugar al atari que correr con estos coches, solo falto el karting jajaja
ah te perdiste la carrera del F3 en Bs As 12 . F3 en Bs As 12? un ridiculo total jajaja
Hi guys!
Can some help a silly question? why I'm able to see the 2 races today on daily  shedule?

But on Race session I only see the secound mr18 race?


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