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Race by time duration and not lap
There is a mod to set race duration by time like in a SRS race?
If I want to train offline I can set only laps but in 1h race is hard to know the exact number of lap.. 
Someone can help me?

A bit of googling turns up the fact that apparently you can only do this for multiplayer. Might be possible to set up a private server and join it as a single racer, but no AI.

As for figuring out how many laps, that's just some math you can do. Do a few laps until you think you have close to race pace. Your time is L (lap time). T is total race time. How many laps you do during the total race time is T/L rounded up to the next whole number.

So if you have a 90 second lap time and the race is 20 minutes (1200 seconds), then it's 1200/90=13.333, round up to 14 and that's 14 laps. T/L is really close to a whole number, round up then add one more lap, just in case there are folks faster than you on the grid.

At least... that's how I do it! There might be an easier way, but I don't know it.
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You might try this app that can be downloaded from Race Department: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads...uel.15424/

I always seemed to be running out of fuel at the end of a race using the AC in game furl calculation, but since using this app that hasn't happened. I could be just luck... Big Grin

There are two version, I like the simple one.

Quote:I always seemed to be running out of fuel at the end of a race using the AC in game furl calculation

I just finished a race where i ran out of fuel during the last lap. Very frustrating after making my way up to 4th place, and then losing it all because of a calculation error. (According the AC calculator i was even loading too much fuel!)
Thank you so much for that app, that is going to give me some peace of mind after today.
No problem, glad to help. Smile
Since I'm playing only in the afternoon / evening, so there are already 1-2 tournaments on the new venues. So I can look at the lapnumber in race results.
I calculate the fuel based on the qualifing, but I still have +5 liters more than my teammates.
Best Regards

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