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Suggestion: Fixed GT3 series and timeslot
It's no surprise that whenever a GT3 series runs, it's always very well attended whether it be RR or AC.  I feel that it would be very beneficial for the number of active users if a GT3 series ran on a continuous basis at a fixed primetime slot, 7pm or 8pm European.  Truth is a lot of the other series sort of feel like novelty series, like the NSU prinz one. I own that car because I bought the 'all content' pack, and have yet to even drive it and likely never will.  

I think it can have a detrimental effect on the userbase when someone who doesn't participate in SRS very much comes to have a look for a race after work and sees a series like this in his prime 'pre getting nagged from his wife to do the dishes' timeslot.  Perhaps that guy doesn't bother looking next time because he was disappointed.

On the other hand if it becomes known to everyone that there is always a GT3 race every night at 8pm, he doesn't even need to check the site to know that there is going to be a well attended race for him in his timeslot.  Lets face it, GT3's are by far the most popular car that people drive online, so trying to force people to drive others seems like a losing strategy. Just one look at the online lobbies is enough to confirm this statement.
Don't get me wrong, a bit of novelty is definitely still fun, but I would say put those series in different timeslots.  I know other series like Audi tt and dtm are hardly novelty, but are still nowhere near as well attended as GT3's. 

 I think the userbase could greatly increase with this strategy and ironically with the larger number of people using SRS, the other series start becoming better attended too. 

Make a GT3 series a standard fixture every night at prime time, and do other varying series around it.
The elephant in the room... not everyone has the same 8pm, a slot convenient for one person is maybe the middle of the night for the next guy, and the third guy is at work and can only play at that time on weekends etc, you get the idea...
(08-10-2018, 04:53 PM)Alex Leif Wrote:  The elephant in the room... not everyone has the same 8pm, a slot convenient for one person is maybe the middle of the night for the next guy, and the third guy is at work and can only play at that time on weekends etc, you get the idea...

Fair enough, but something like every 3 hours means 1 race will run at prime time or thereabouts, and you could fill the intervening 2 hours with other series.
The other elephant is that they are about to come out with a GT3 only game that I'm sure everyone who wants to race in the Counterstrike of simracing cars will probably flock to. The reason public lobbies are mostly GT3 is because it is a lowest denominator set of vehicles. It's a self fulfilling prophecy, really. They are the most popular because they are the most popular. Meaning... because many drivers know that many drivers are adequate driving these cars, they'll be more likely to trust the drivers around them to be able to keep wheels on the road.

Due to this, once ACC hits you'll likely see LESS GT3 races scheduled here rather than more.

You could also argue that, due to the fact that GT3 is the most popular car people drive online that anyone interested in racing them should be able to just pop onto any public server and race as much GT3 as they want! Big Grin

All that said, there have been a number of seasons where there is a multiple race per day racing series featuring GT3 cars. There just isn't one this particular season.
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I think if there was a GT3 race every 3 hours that would be way too much, that is literally 1/3 of all SRS races, there are so many pieces of content we never even see on SRS so I personally would not like to see so much time dedicated to only one category.

Many of us would dearly love more races in older / harder to drive cars, there is already plenty of flappy paddle nonsense available Smile

Edit: Yep Russell I nearly mentioned ACC but then bit my tongue, hopefully that will mean all GT3 racing can move to that platform and free up time for use to race more interesting things!
I don't mind there being a stable daily GT3 race or two, one for each server region: EU/US as I don't think SRS has any other locations.
Good luck balancing out the GT3 class with restrictor and weight for so many cars.

You can never fit a schedule to everyone be it a repeated schedule or a one off event. People gotta make an effort to fit their schedule too.

Personally I'm sick and tired of GT3, had enough of GT2 (no TC, no ABS) well before AC even released. I have not seen any GT3 servers running all how many is it now? 10 cars with any BoP. Meaning who ever figures out what the fastest car is has a definite advantage. There are advantages even with BoP being used but it often balances out across a range of different tracks reasonably and if not it was always adjusted accordingly for next season. In AC almost no one cares to BoP cars to balance classes out :/

AC GT3... high grip slicks + high aero = infinite grip, +TC +ABS... I would definitely say the older race cars mod that is running in August is a better race car period than GT3s, I don't even own the pack, just from what people said and showed, more raw cars with less electronic nonsense.

Almost everyone wants to drive GT3s, yet most also drive them poorly. If there was a 1000HP GT0 people would be driving that and failing. Always wanting the most powerful, grippiest, fastest thing/class around the circuit.
Indeed without proper BoP (per track ideally) GT3 is too imbalanced, many of the cars are not competitive, so for lots of people it is a choice between drive a car they like or drive one of the 2 or 3 that are fast enough to actually get a half decent result.
At least in ACC the chances are there will be a decent BoP system built in as they are simulating Blancpain where BoP is very important and well developed, so much so that SRO actually licence out their BoP system to other series outside of series they themselves own.
Until that sort of thing happens GT3 will always be a 2-4 car race with 6-8 duds, and yeah all that power and aero plus electronics is obviously going to be appealing to a wide audience. I mean if you consider they make GT3 so easy that rich old men can race them alongside pros, it does make sense that it draws in lots of low skill players because going fast what they want. Whereas very skilled racers often would prefer to drive harder to race cars as it presents a more interesting challenge.
All very good points guys, but at the end of the day you're swimming against the tide trying to convince the sim-racing masses(there's an oxymoron  for you Big Grin ) to drive other cars. 

 I stand by the idea that bringing in the masses by having a indefinite series with recurring time-slot (ie. every 3 hours where one of the times hits a mainstream prime time, 5pm, 8pm etc), can only be beneficial from the point of view that those races will always be well attended and people filter into other series.

I know this sounds like 'I lurrrve GT3 and just want what I want, me, me, me'.  Ironically, although I enjoy GT3, I prefer open-wheelers, or beasts  like group 5 and my motivation is to get more people into SRS so that the OTHER series become more popular!

If you feel this idea would not do this, then I'm happy to debate the issue, but please lets not restrict the discussion to why a GT3 series is/isn't a nice series to race in.

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