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C6R versus C7R
Yesterday i participated on SRS race at Spa. After 11 laps i parked it because way too slow.

I can drive the C7R in 2.18 or 19 ish laptimes consistandly on Spa but while i have a reasonably comfortable setup for the C6R i can't get it under 2.24 or qualy under 2.22. I just don't understand. Is it so much slower? I geuss not because i see way faster times from other people.

What am i doing wrong?

Don't say "practice", i've done hundreds of laps on Spa and know every inch of it Tongue
Hundreds? Up that to thousands and then see where you are.

I haven’t tried C6R at spa yet but maybe it is just slower, also as a mod the tyres could be very different maybe?
what pressures would you suggest?

It would make sence....
I just checked the setups I used in C6R at Chang and Laguna Seca, my cold pressures are between 24-27 depending on which corner, aiming for hot pressure of 32 PSI all round IIRC.
thanx Alex, i will try it!

btw, i participated in this afternoons race and after fiddling with some adjustments i made some improvements. race pace was 2 secs faster
Nice one Marc!

See you on the track Smile
seemed my tyre pressures where way too low. Adjusted them and in quali trim 2.19,5 now Cool

Copied the setup i use for the C7R but that did'nt work at all. But getting there....thnx for advice Alex!
Good one! Anything under 2:20 is hard in GT2 iirc, look forward to trying this race tomorrow afternoon Smile

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