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No players during race with 42 registered players
Big Grin 
I started my first race today and signed up for the corvette c6r race on laguna seca.
There were 42 players listed for the server, but when it started, I was the only one driving practice, qually and the race.. 
During practice I got out of the server, refreshed and got back on the server, but still I was alone.. 
Can someone tell me this is normal or am I doing something wrong?
One big advantage is that I had pole and won the race.. it was close  Big Grin 
Hi there and welcome to SRS!

The reason you were alone is that you were placed into the lowest split of drivers. As SRS only creates a server for a lower split once the split before it is full ( which in the case of Laguna Seca is 21 drivers), you would have been bottom of the list and therefore the 43rd seeded driver as it was your first race. This ended up in you getting a whole server to yourself in the third split. It happened in my first race here as well. Big Grin

Once you start moving up the rankings, your seed in the sign-up lists will improve and you begin to avoid this issue entirely. Smile
Thumbs Up 
Hello Justin,
Thanks for the update!
I indeed was at the bottom of the list  Smile
Good thing its not a bug and now I know this will happen when there are more than 21 drivers.
Much appreciated!  Cool

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