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AussieStig Ferrari 458 GT2 Series
Hey guys, AussieStig here. Firstly I would like to thank you for joining in all of my series. 92 of you raced last night, Thursday August 2nd. All of you would of noticed that SRS mistakenly had the BMW M3 GT2 car with open set ups as the series car, obviously it should of been the Ferrari 458 GT2 car with fixed set ups. 

I attempted for hours prior to the race to have it changed, unfortunately I was not able to contact SRS to do so. To people who had special skins made for the series, I am sorry that the car was incorrect.

My question to everyone that participated is, what do you think should happen with the results of this race? Some people were up to three seconds faster due to having set ups available while others were unprepared for the car / track combo and used default set ups expecting them to be fixed. 

Should we erase the results while maintaining stats and rankings?

Should we erase the results of the first race and start fresh next week? 

Let me know your thoughts, cheers AussieStig
The series goes on for a long time, a lot can happen. 
Yesterday I could not handle the BMW.  Cry Hopefully we can start the Ferrari next week.
I would look forward and leave the last race as it is.

An appeal to many: you can not win the race in the first corner.

I started from the back and it was terrible to see what happened in the first chicane.
It would be good for people like me who didn't make it in time before the 92 racers limit was reached eheh....jk, obviously it's my problem and not anybody else's.

But concerning the speed differences, in practice I was lapping 49.5s with the default set, so judging by the race winner times I don't think he used a specific set.
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I had a good start and race and finish  finally so i hope you keep the results alive Big Grin
I spent most of my hours racing these GT cars so i had somewhat of a setup ready, but still 2 seconds slower then the fastest guys out there.

The only thing that bothered me was the lack of insight by people who were shown the blue flag. Got rammed in 4th place by someone who had the blue flag Sad
well I came 2nd in top split using default setup, so you can't really say that people were faster with custom setups...

race was fair, why remove the results? everybody registered was able to join, so I don't see a problem.
I came in 3rd yesterday with a fixed setup on server2. For me that's a phenomenal result, so I am biast by saying I'd like to keep that Smile
In all seriousness though, as you said, 92 people raced last night, so it didn't seem to be that big of an issue. With that said, continue like nothing happened?  Big Grin
I have to admit i was confused as to why i could use a setup. I took one from the setupmarket, so feel free to delete/reset my Race Result. I honestly sucked with the basic setup Blush
I'd say we keep going, still a GT2 car. I used some setup off of setup market and it worked fine. By the way, someone needs to fix the fastest laps, Eryk's lap is a result of him flying through T1, which he did 4 laps in a row and almost rammed into me on T3 when I was in the lead and he was in 14th place
No worries on this Mark. I had no knowledge of the BMW switch until I registered for the race approximately 10 minutes before race time. I did 2 quick laps on an ancient setup (ac 1.11) and after adjusting tire pressures down about 7psi I was ok to go. Qualified 5th and felt that my speed would improve during the race as I got used to driving the beemer. Alas, the usual behaviour on the start and T1 took me down to near the back of the pack with 7 contact points (rear and side) but, tbh, I expect Monza T1 to be a complete cluster**k 9 times out of 10. The same thing would have likely happened with the 458 so I don't see a reason to reset the results even though it would help my stats. Too much focus on stats makes the racing less fun. I enjoyed the rest of the race, had some good battles and finished 15th right behind you Mark. Props to you for your efforts in setting the series up and for racing it as well. Cheers.
It's been fixed Smile
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