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Mazda 787B setups
I was asked about my setup and thought here's best place to share for any interested. I also need to say I'm not 787B expert (or any car what so ever).
Anyway, this setup is what I consider stable and easy and I used this in spa but with slight changes it's what I always use..


Maybe you guys can share your own vision how to deal with 787(beast) in this thread too?

! edit: I changed gears a bit (4th longer for eau rouge) but still a lot to gain with correct/better gearing! Note that this change is not included in setup.
thanx for sharing Ilari,

Going to try it now. Did my first race yesterday in this beast of a car after fiddling with my setup all afternoon and still are 8 to 9 secs off the pace of the fastest guys Sad
Most time i seem to lose on Eau Rouge, i take it in 4th gear but way to slow. Had heeps of trouble and fighting the car every corner with understeer and after that oversteer. Managed to end the race in the same lap as the winner...

Let you know if it is an improvement for me Cool
the car is very specific to drive, yes sometimes oversteers and in some places heavily understeer (to me )
Sorry to say that your setup didn't work for me. The car was more backwards on the circuit then the right direction.....

Doesn't matter, was worth a shot for me and thanx for sharing. I seriously think this car is not good for me. I should stick to GT3 Big Grin
I really like your setup. It feels kinda like mine but I use yours anyways as I just got used to it now Big Grin

I think it's very balanced when you set the brake balance to 60%
Amazing list of awesome achievements: 5th in the Lotus 25 championship 2018
Guys what PSI should 787b tyres be hitting for max grip? I've been getting rears at 32 and fronts low 28s should I be aiming for 35psi all round?

When you trail brake, the extra front bias is awesome. 58% im happy currently.

Whereas on the default brake bias you're just going to keep locking up the fronts and going wide or more likely to spin and understeer. Trail braking is a must. I also put my brake pressure down to 98 and have my brake gamma at around 2.89 but then again I've got a GTeye progressive spring mod that lets me feel the brakes lockup before they do.

I also stiffen the arb front to 7 and pretty much max the front downforce. Might want to stiffen rear by one as well, so 7,4 or 7,3 upto you. Note this means you cannot run over kerbs like they're nothing, you have to respect your track limits and you'll be granted more grip! Qualified 4th in the laguna seca race, ran out of time. But came second in the race by around 0.010 seconds. No joke. Fun combo

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