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Mazda 787B setups
Ooh I am interested to try Patrick’s setup, thanks for uploading!

I uploaded my Imola setup on thesetupmarket.com recently if anybody is interested in trying a different one, not quite up to Patrick’s pace of 38.0 but have managed to get it down to 38.975 which I was very happy with.
Search for user “Leif” if you can’t find it.

For whoever asked about tyre pressures: aim for 30 front, 32 rear according to sidekick app.
(08-30-2018, 12:27 PM)Patrick Brown Wrote:  I have been asked about my setup a few times, so I thought I'd post my setups I used in the races so far here for anyone interested. Nothing too fancy, less rear wing, adjusted mechanical balance to my taste, but a bit more towards understeer to possibly run a little less wing and to be able to cope with the soft tyres when the rears suddenly fall off after a few laps. Made the aero work closer to the ground and used bumpstops to make sure it doesn't get too low and stall (was mostly needed at spa through eau rouge).

For the front splitter only the 0-2 settings are useful, 0 for low-aero like at monza, 1 and 2 kinda give similar downforce overall, but 2 seems more consistent, with 1 giving more / too much downforce during braking and maybe less on throttle. No idea when you would ever use a 3 or 4 front splitter setting, since they give less downforce than 1 or 2 and just increase drag.

Softs are the only viable tyres for a 20 minute race. Mediums might not have as sudden of drop in grip as the softs do some laps in, but after 20 minutes probably reach a similar wear level and are just overall slower. Hards would probably become viable when the race was at least like double as long or so.

Gears and pressure adjustments for each track, Spa and Mugello setups should otherwise be identical. Monza with low wings obviously. I used 1° more rear wing for a little more stability at Laguna Seca, since the drag penalty is non-existant there with the short straights, same thing at Imola with the straight not being too long there either.

If the setup just feels too unstable, try with 1° more rear wing, you'll be a bit slower on the straights, but it should make it more predictable to drive.

What the crap? I tried one of the setups and got more than a second quicker instantly! It's like magic, this is brilliant! I wish I could set up the cars as well as you do...
Thanks, Patrick!

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