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New Assetto Corsa Series starting July 30!

Thanks for another 6 week of more racing than I have time!

Great news is every 6 weeks cars and tracks change so it keeps things interesting!

Keep up the GREAT work , IMHO!!
Looks like the Ferruccio 55 is in after all. Is that changeable on SRS's end? Cause this might end up being a single car series with it in.
The 787 is one of my favorite cars, I can only hope I will have time for at least two races a week.
Amazing list of awesome achievements: 5th Lotus 25 2018, 4th DRM 2019, 5th ASR Williams FW14 vs. Ferrari 643 2019
(07-29-2018, 01:31 PM)Michal Janak Wrote:  and the BTCC , bad its is FWD,  ugly pulling in steering wheel , lookes like the forces are  to oposite side than expect in some moments

I think I drove it long ago, didn't like it. But hey, I don't like most mods, even mine until I finish them and same goes for stock AC content of which some is poor too at last in some areas of a car (often wrong or poorly made AWD system, oversimplified aero, possibly wrong damper distances causing bottoming out, etc.)

Power pulling steering to one side is common on FWDs when the suspension is not done right and the diff is not overly locked on power, normal road cars can suffer from this but I think most modern cars are well understood by now and they don't have this issue, it's a suspension design thing where you want the torque from wheel to go through a certain point so that it doesn't rotate to any side. Still with any fairly open diff, front or rear wheel drive, even powerful AWDs, you will get a turning torque on the whole car (not steering) (my E30 did that on Nurburgring on 1 transition of a lap or so because I use fairly weak diff).

You would have to check and at least plot front suspension of the BTCC to be sure. If it turns steering on power then the center is not where it should be, I think it's called torque steer.


That's not to say the BTCC is not supposed to have torque steer, it may well have had it, though for a racecar, if regulations allow they would tune it out.

(07-29-2018, 05:00 PM)László Nagy Wrote:  I think the servers will be empty on round 2...so no need rating limit because rookies (and most of under 800 players) will be understand that they can't manage a single lap in a 20 minutes race...Smile

I think mazda is a good car (not my taste because I don't like spaceships) but it 's not for daily series..For daily we need much slower cars ...

Mazda is for a youtuber serie as Shelby cobra was in couple of seasons ago...There were awesome races and I met the most talented racers in SRS. I hope that Cobra will be return for an Euro youtuber serie soon...

Mazda would be good on Monday euro night instead the shitty paid mod Smile

787 should be 1 race a week, unless someone plans to run 30 races with it in a month to learn it that way. Which for me doesn't work anyway, I need 5 races consecutively. It's a neat car, hard to drive.
RSS pack being what 6 races? Doesn't seem worth it to me to buy for so few races. Even at daily it's a 6*5=30 races, which makes it more reasonable at least.

(07-30-2018, 06:53 PM)Lari Salminen Wrote:  Looks like the Ferruccio 55 is in after all. Is that changeable on SRS's end? Cause this might end up being a single car series with it in.

They can select what car is in the series as well as any balancing of power and weight for each.
Why does RSS not include balancing I don't know, they left it to organizers and unfortunately most of those don't want to invest the time to make balancing for their selected tracks and weather or even a general balancing. Hell RSS could come with the balancing information in the pack, maybe it does?
787 should be interesting. It's a hard car to drive.

I'll suck, but the goal will be to suck less than other people. This is one of those cars where the gaps in the field will be huge. It would be interesting if this was used for the Endurance races, like it was original designed for in real life as a 24 hrs of le mans winner.
I drive a GT 86 (Subaru version) in real life so this is a wet dream for me. Smile
So totally unexpected, I never ever win in things like this hahaha.

Thanks to you Werner and everyone at MK-Motorsport! Seeing as I've spent far too long in Assetto Corsa, there's no doubt hundreds of hours of my time will be spent in ACC over the next few years. Smile
Loving the 787 series, as I always liked the old prototypes. They are certainly an absolute pain to drive (which is part of the fun!) which causes untold 1st lap carnage, however the field tends to clear out after that point, at which fun, difficult racing can be had! 

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