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Hour long races limited to GT only?
Might not be a popular suggestion if I say let's try open wheel cars, but maybe just try once? RSR, Dallara, Lotus Exos? F1 cars might be too fast even the Lotus, but I really like the idea of racing an open wheel car for one hour, and have different pit strategies if say they tweak tyre and fuel usage. BTW, I only ask what you guys think, not really forcing things here. I wish I can race the youtuber series and don't have to think about this. But I have limited time, only available to race the one and only 2:00GMT time slot.
Good idea Neil!

The current 1 hour serie with the Cayman GT4 car offers very limited pit strategy as only hard compound is available.
I'd pick the Lotus from the above three as i haven't been raced with it yet. Smile
To be honest I'd like to see some classic hour races like old LMP for example or just road cars. That could be actually quite funny Big Grin
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I would like to see some older cars added to mix, like:

90s DTM - 3 tire options and actual tires that wear out make for some better pitting strategies.
Porsche 935 "moby dick" - that should make for some interesting endurance
any pre-90's open wheel formula cars - I would expect greater than half the field to drop and not complete 1 hr
Porsche 962

Use of H-pattern, no-abs, no-traction control will push the limits of driver consistency, focus, and endurance.

More variety is always welcome.
H pattern, yes of course... I guess Im just looking for more technical challenge and not some pretty basic cars. A new car was just announced but that doesnt kill my hopes of driving an open wheel car in this series or even the Mercedes Evo or something in those tier. Hoping SRS will consider!

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