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Scoring system - how does it work
I don't know about the end of weeks however i ve seen people improving dramatically their pb on the last races, could be just practicing but the tracks are definetly faster on full servers. I think this is just the consequence of not seeing the decimals, it surely rounds up the values and displays 100% as soon as it goes beyond 99% then slowly crawling to truely 100%, on some lengthy tracks it can get there only in the last minutes, especially with 10m quali. On Nordschleife GT4, the track was going down at the beginning of quali to 94% and the race started at 98%, it seems it took 3 laps to get it to full grip even if it was displaying 100% on the 2nd lap.

I don't think it's a good idea to weigh results on fastest lap, finish time or things like that. Nobody remembers who had the fastest lap or what finish time it was in say the last F1 GP, the only thing that matters is who won in the end. There are certain scenarios when you don't really want to push too much at the end, either because of the tyres, fuel, traffic, or just because you already have a comfortable lead, and there s no point taking too much risks to extend it further. There are also logical differences in laptimes if you are battling or you are just on your own ahead.

I know daily series can be a bit frustrating because it's relatively easy to get the 102, as Laszlo says youtubers series / single events are the way to go if you don't like it, you ll get most of the time 4 splits, which will sort out things quickly, no redemption races, it's a one shot more exciting thing, and sometimes even strategic.
Sure then lets have full F1 GP rules here and track officials so we can use the simplified scoring system based on final positions only XD That would also remove all multi session a combo series too and make everything a 1 race only per combo, which in itself removes a lot of the scoring issues.

I don't have an app to show me the grip decimals but there is the same grip between race 1 Monday and race 50 on Sunday. It's all about getting down a few laps in qualification to raise the grip for race, of course short vs long tracks issue and how AC has implemented grip is half retarded but it's what it is (no localized grip, no dust or dirt, ...). Qualification is a strategy with grip but race 99% of the time is 100% grip from the start whether it's 99.7% or 99.99% grip showing as 100% the difference is minimal and negligible, once it shows 100% you can floor it, even 99% is kind of OK to get good laps down.

Qualification always has lower grip and only thing that helps is be on a full server where everyone is putting down laps in practice and in Q so it raises fast, and be it a short track then it goes faster.
is there any place where I can see how many rating points I gained or lost on each race I raced????

Bruno Fabiano
He's set up the scoring system to be intentionally obfuscated to users, so I'm guessing that having a bunch of easily attainable data that could be used to extrapolate the algorithm used to construct your current driver rating would be counter productive to obfuscation. So basically, if you want to take a stab at it, you'll need to have kept track of all of your data race to race manually... unless I'm wrong and there is simply a list somewhere showing a graph of your point climb. I haven't bothered to look because once my rating got to 500+ I stopped giving even a tiny bit of shit about it. Smile
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Unless you keep your own record I would say no and SRS probably isn't keeping a record either only your rating not the individual changes.

The gain of rating is sort of logarithmic. I don't remember how the precise function with a finite limit is called, it's very similar. Early gains are high and then it goes to almost no gains at all.
I am pretty sure that at some point in the calculation it is divided by the total number of races you have done.

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