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Great SRS Platform
[quote pid='17003' dateline='1531191614']
Before anything glad to see AMS on SRS , thanks SRS again for the work and effort!.

After that it is my opinión but i would suggest to begin using MODS in AMS as in AC, cuz stock track content without dlc tracks is so limited (appart from the south american tracks).

The Ultimate Pack from Patrick Giranthon is great and it has some epic tracks as nurburg, spa, road america, road atlanta, Barcelona, etc etc....and we need  the british pack used....

Also Simraceway tracks are on AMS and it has very interesting ones, also we have a good sebring-Watkins etc etc....my point is that if we limit to the stock content we will be on trouble getting hight numbers.

Another suggestion is that Marcas is cool but not better than F3 or Boxer or Metalmoro or some formula (formulas on ams are great!), then I will use one of the lasts to make the main ams series and the other secondary.

Summing it up...ams has great content outside of the stock pack, if we dont use it it will bve an unfair comparison against the other sims (and i am realistic we know that ams never will get bigger number than AC.

Ok, it is enought for today. Thanks again SRS for this great organization!
[color=#333333]i luv u but i choose cars[/color]
I think there's literally zero chance having the Simraceway tracked to be raced on here as none of them are "legal" conversions (as far as i know)
Anyway, it would be indeed awesome to use DLC content and Patrick's track pack later on!
[quote pid='18166' dateline='1533564305']
I did not know that about SRW tracks....then Patrick Giranthon ones and Sebring Virtua LM....WCP etc.....
[color=#333333]i luv u but i choose cars[/color]
I'd like to thank Mr Admin for resolving the server issue instantly during the last race of the AMS Boxer Cup series! Respect!
Great work

Automobilista Porsche Cup Champion Cool  

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New fan from Malaysia here. It's really amazing what the SRS devs have created and we're really lucky such a thing even exists. I didn't know about this until only about a month back and all this while I thought to have good online racing we'd have to spend on games like GTSport or thousands on iRacing. All this is done not for a profit but just for the benefit of us simracers. Absolutely love this service and would do anything to support it for a long time more.
A thousand salutes to the admins and the devs. Keep up the great work, you're bringing joy and excitement to hundreds of people daily.
(08-21-2018, 08:13 PM)Juan Reinoso Wrote:  Great work
We hate the new Porsche Champion! Tongue
[color=#333333]i luv u but i choose cars[/color]

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