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The JM Lotus 98t Championship
We're back once again, and it's time to go back in history as we prepare for the new series! 

It's time to tame the beast of the the legendary 98t in this championship. Unfortunately we couldn't use the 98 versions of each track, but we've kept to the same sort of calendar as what they had back then :Smile

don't forget your boost  Cool

Video not working.
Will be an interesting challenge. At least Pau is only 20mins. Don't think I could handle an hour!

Start Finish Track
2018-06-22 2018-06-22 Spa
2018-06-29 2018-06-29 Imola
2018-07-06 2018-07-06 Monza
2018-07-13 2018-07-13 Silverstone GP
2018-07-20 2018-07-20 Vallelunga
2018-07-25 2018-07-25 Pau 2017
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Dammit, Josh... stop having amazing car choices every season and putting it at 2PM on a Friday afternoon when I'm at work! No fair!
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Yeah, I took the beast for a practice spin and there is a lot of power from the turbo! Working with the setup, but it is not easy to find the right combination.
But this will be very fun, looking forward to Friday. I'm gonna be out the last to races due to holiday in Italy, but thats OK, because driving this car at Pau would have given me
approx 150 incidents.... :-)

I'm looking forward to failing miserably haha Big Grin Seriously though I'm excited for this series.
Now...this one is going to be interesting.
Did some laps and when i was finished, i could swear that i had more body hair, bigger nails and felt heavier between the thighs.  Big Grin
What a machine!
I hope i can make it on time for the race Friday.

Cya on track.
As you're all realising, this isn't going to be an easy one, especially the last round Wink I took the feedback from Monaco and we're still street racing, just for a shorter amount of time ;Wink

Looking forward to seeing everyone on track when I return next week!
At least this time it is a hard car I have actually driven before Big Grin

Last time I was recovering from an injury early on and after doing I think 2 races it recurred and I physically couldn’t manhandle that beast around the track so thought it best to sit the rest of them out.

Watched some of the Monaco race on YT, well done to all who survived that, looked hard as **** lol.

Feeling fully fit again now and looking forward to some maximum boost lunacy!
I'm not seeing the race in SRS, am I the only one?
(06-21-2018, 08:54 PM)Tanguy Queguineur Wrote:  I'm not seeing the race in SRS, am I the only one?

You're not the only one, I'm not seeing it either.

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