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Real head motion
Hello, most of you will know what this app is because is old, but I just tried it today and in a few laps I see an improvement compared to my laps with the normal camera.

I did a slow lap to clearly see how the movement work if you want to check out.

So yeah, most of you will know but if you have not tried it, I recommend it.

Later, and Im not the best in english.
Thanks for reminding me about this app. I passed it over since I've used TrackIR for a long time, but recently I've decided I don't use it enough for the hassle... typically all it does is make me have to reset to center every lap because I start drifting my head angle. RealHeadMotion uses the head tracking component of AC, so if you have TrackIR going, it won't do anything. But now that I've put TrackIR away, I installed and set this up, and I think it'll really help with chicanes (where your turn in is tight enough that the look ahead is actually useful and not nauseating). We'll see how it goes in the coming weeks!
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