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Make less painful races !

I registered on SRS 1 week ago, I made about 5 races, and all have been painful to death playing (on AC) ....

I was searching something about clean and fair races, and all I found here was :

- First corner contacts in all senses, even if u start in the first 3 positions ....

- Blue flags don't letting you pass -  or even worse : crashing u by not braking when u passed or breaking the line when u're passing

- Guys being out of the track who come back just in front of you

Making my car easily destroyed early on races, making my incidents count very high, and seriously affecting my anger after a race ....

I would suggest some ideas to counter that :

- Don't count as an incident if ur car is hitted by behind (and don't counter incidents in the 10 seconds after being hitten in the rear)

- Ban for a week minimum a guy who has a blue flag for more than 25% of the track (with the same person behind), and ban a guy which makes a contact while having the blue flag

- I don't have an idea for first corners, but I think it's something which could be done

Also, when I see something like that, I think about a toxic guy which could be banned (for a week first, a month second, and definitively third time), in this result I have a count of 13 incidents while I drived safely ... :

[Image: 1528996498-sans-titre.png]

Otherwise, about the content and possibilities given by your tool (races often, not so long but not too short), it's really interesting.

SRS has a good reporting tool and our admins take care about
so please help to get clean races - meaning, if you identify dirty drivers, report them
this is the only way

all points you mentioned will cause penalties to the driver causing them

if you are impacted by a dirty driver you have to accept the incidents
only thing you can do - report it - have a short look to this post

I guess it happens to everyone - it is a mess, you feel down, but thats the fact
i had 3 bad weeks (to be clear i do not want to start a inc discussion with this)
- up to 20 inc in one race caused by dive bomber (crashed serval times into the wall and other drivers after his hit)
- 5 crashes in my rear in one race - Always from the same guy

the community will support you - when i had my bad races
i got from some drivers watching SRS stream short private messages
some nice words to motivate me and to tell me that it was a mess
that helps a lot to see and understand that you are not alone

Hi Lionel,

Most things that you are suggesting will never be implemented, because they cannot be done automatically and SRS runs something like 50 races a day, you would need a big team of judges working full time on judging the races.

You can also report outrageous incidents, there is protest form for that (as said above). These, if reported properly, will be reviewed by a human and addressed as necessary, up to a long term ban.

The "toxic" guy will be penalized because 20+ incidents in one race result in an automatic suspension.

Would you really have to learn is to avoid these problems. Assume that people will misbehave in the first corner, assume that the car sitting on the grass may pull onto the track just in front of you. Slow down slightly, think of exit strategies, stay way from trouble. 

Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL...6GERqFUpng  (it's iRacing, but much applies to SRS as well)
Had 17 inc. race due to multiple hits after contact ...most ever for me. Average is still a (3) after 670+ races...stick with it, you'll learn to get faster just to avoid the incidents.  LOL !!! Cool
Courage Lionel, we all have bad spells, but keep in mind that according to your rating increase, the race partners (in theory) will have more experience and playing time in SRS and therefore more adjusted races.

In certain situations, use the report process

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