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rFactor 2 App
(08-22-2017, 07:50 PM)Andrés Fernández Wrote:  I'm also waiting for the oval servers.  Angel

And road server mate!  Smile Well, i hope that it will be soon, this system is a fantastic idea and it helps so much rf2, there isn't servers with races..
When will be available again?
Good Morning, I see that there are some Rfactor 2 races scheduled. 
I would love to register but I cannot find the updated app for RF2.
Where can I find it? or what is the process to participate in those races?

Thanks a lot, 
As I understand it the rF2 races this week are closed testing, and not available to all. It shouldn't be long before we can all download the required app though. SRS will let us know I'm sure Smile

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