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Using skin of other driver?
I do not know if it is allowed, but I guess it is not?
This evening in DTM champ on Brand's Hatch at 20:00, Jorge Fernandez Cirilo was using my squadmate's skin (which I made).
It was not fun!
It is allowed but is generally frowned upon. If I catch someone using my personal skin then I'll send them a polite PM asking them not to use it in future. Most of the people on SRS are respectful enough that they won't do it again (Sometimes they're rather new and didn't realise it was a custom skin)

If it is someone who races in a series with me regularly and I have spare time I will even offer to make them one of their own (Taking a page from Russell Sobie's book Smile)
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Yes sure it is frowned upon not most, but all of the times. I don't use custom paints in AC... I used to in iRacing. Anyways, the downloading app for custom paints is so different than trading paints. I now have dozens of paints saved in my PC that I don't want to see or use. Although some of them are so well made that you cant say if it's a custom paint or not. Saying that, maybe they just thought the paint they are using are official content and not a custom paint by someone. I admit, I was fooled the first time I saw them paints... But I saw names and then just stayed away from them. Forgive them noobs I say... Cheers!
Okedokey, I forgive them... But I suppose you should change the name of the directory to match your name_surname. So it is not so easy to misunderstand Smile
A few people (myself included) now make the preview.jpg not show the car but instead show a message that says "Personal skin for Will Dawson" for example. The idea being that if they can't see what the car looks like then they won't pick it.
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it happened to me too at Alfa GTA on which is my name on car and on preview is DONT USE, personal skin, the guy didn appology or write any other word
Of course there will be occasional cases of people who choose someone elses' personal skin and just don't care but that is the minority of the playerbase... Of course it would happen to you though Michal, you are the unluckiest SRS member I know Big Grin
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