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Nationality Flag Missing
Hi all,
I just wanna ask, why my nationality flag is missing on live stream?
I was finished 2nd on Wednesday's GT3 Asia @ Silverstone. I watched the recorded broadcast and I saw that my country (Indonesian) flag didn't appear next to my name. I can see my flag in my own game, but not on live stream. Why did that happened? 
Any idea how to fix this?

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Make sure it's in your User CP aswell as correctly set in AC - I know sometimes it glitches
my national flag is incorrect, in the forums it is fine but in the standings it is changed, in user cp this is all good. When I sign up for a race the flag is correct and when I run it is changed back, I do not know what's wrong
Can someone please help me? I need to know how to change my national flag in the standings. Is there any way to do it? in the forum the correct one appears but in the stands it is wrong. Thank you

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