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Back to simracing after a 15 year break :)
Hi everyone!
I started simracing with GPL many many years ago, I raced for years and got pretty good. I was in UKGPL, SRM and MoG as well as others, and got my rank to -76.

I've been wanting to try sim racing again for ages but thought that Iracing was my only real option, but cost along with not having a decent way to set up a wheel put me off.
I got a logi g29 plus shifter a few months ago and bought Assetto Corsa and rFactor2. I've mainly been playing AC since then and now feel I'm consistent and clean enough to race properly with other people in serious races. I'm no alien, but I hope to finish with no incidents Smile
Hope to see you all on track Smile
Pro Sim Racing crew member

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