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Seat Leon TCR Liveries!
Since Russell Sobie's 'paint shop' is closed at the moment, I thought I would open a thread in his style for the Seat Leon TCR.
My experience with skinning is nonexistent Tongue I couldn't get the fbx. file to work in Mudbox, so I made a basic design using these templates in Photoshop. If you know a bit of PS, it's really easy to do.

As I said, the skin is super basic and I put it together in an hour, but I'm happy with the outcome since it's the first one I ever made. Did you create a skin for the Seat Leon TCR? Post it! Smile

Hah! Awesome! The Seat Leon Eurocup skins MOSTLY transfer over, but I haven't had an opportunity to try to get the FBX working on Mudbox for it yet. I may not get to it this season with how things are going with my free time. We'll see!
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Here's mine.

I used the templates that you get when you download the car. Painted in elements 10 then opened and saved as .dds in Gimp.
All done on the 2d template. Once you work out which bit is which it's not too bad to work on.

*Warning skinning gets addictive and you can loose hours of your life Smile

If your using gimp with a .dds plugin you can open the .dds files from the skins folder and edit them that way Wink
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