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Monthly Race Series
What would the possibility of having a monthly race series in AC using some of the fine payware cars that are available.
An example would be the cars by Sim Dream Development: https://www.assettocorsamods.org/
We could have historical F1 or even a Indy Car series.
As far as i know pretty much all content by Sim Dream Development is garbage in terms of car physics, not to mention that many of them (if not all) are illegal rips. I wouldn't spend a dime on them.
So let's just stick to payware mods created by reputable groups such as RSS, URD, etc...

Imho the idea is great, i'm just wondering how many people would be interested in (depends on the car itself i guess).
Speaking of payware, I'd love to race online on RSS GT cars Heart , but everybody would need to buy the whole package
(as Assetto Corsa need all drivers to own all the cars in the race, unlike RaceRoom if I'm not wrong).
Not sure there would be enough drivers whatever the mod would be.

But IMO there's already plenty of choice in the current series, so much that I now limit myself to 1 or 2 series max per season (or I will be racing full time Big Grin  My boss / family wouldn't appreciate).

It prompts you to try cars you wouldn't have thought of, and I like that.
OH NO !!! SDD is almost all rips from forza. And they are bad rips too. Bad sounds, bad phisics and even the models sometimes aren't well imported.
Unless in RSS or URD i don't think its worth it.
EDIT: I remeber this ! their wec mod was so funny. All models imported from forza, they had the worse cockpits ever and the sounds and phisics were the same for all the cars lol.
A RSS GT would be awesome but realistically i don't think enough people would have them to make a legit championship. I bought the RSS packs but didn 't have much time to drive them as much as i would, SRS is always plenty enough to toy with already when new series come out. Kunos should licence their stuff or hire them, it's at least on par with the officials.

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