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AC National Championships
National championships were created to award the countries on the top 3 positions of the National Road Rating Table.

Last season, the top 3 countries didn't manage to get at least 12 drivers on each race, so the national championships are now awarded to the 4th, 5th and 6th (UK, Italy and USA).

[Image: nationalsMay2018.png]

Italy and UK follow GT3 Euro calendar and USA follows GT3 Americas calendar.

You can check more details on the series tables by accessing Competition>Race
Italians, there's no denying them, it's in their blood and their roads...
UK is known to be up there with the FINS in Sim Racing and real life..
And USA is simple unstoppable brute force.

Congrats all!

I hope you consider joining all Asian countries as 1 region in the future, just simply call it "Asia" since countries here are small and Sim Racers are scarce.
Aside from China of course..
Any word on what is happening with these now? I think all countries failed to have 12 in each race again..
1 hour races are a turn off for me, and recently I haven't had the USA window available in my free time anyway. Obviously I don't speak for anyone other than myself, but I know if it happened to be at a different time and was a 20 minute race, I'd be much more likely to participate.
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