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how to do a pit stop in vr?

When i pull into the pit stop, there is a box on the right hand side with preset 1,2,3
None of the options are clickable. 
I cant change any thing, 
I dont see any keyboard assignment option in controls.

How do I pull into a pit stop and do a tyre change or fuel?
You know that cool car, yep its coming to Assetto! 
On my T500RS, you have to press on the crosshair buttons to choose and activate the pit stop options.
You can save the first preset in the pitstop tab before the race, so you don't have anything else to do. Or assign 2 buttons (down + right) to your wheel to set it on the fly, by default you can also do it simply with your keyboard's arrows. On a T300 i just use the dpad, works fine so you can adjust how much fuel you want to add, as well as eventually compound and tyre pressure. It's a bit distracting to do that while racing, except maybe if you have a very long straight.
ok super guys, thanks and good luck in your next race!.
You know that cool car, yep its coming to Assetto! 

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